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Horizon Credit Union strives to serve its members and community with the best products and services available and to provide superior customer service.

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   Wealth Management  

As a farmer today, it is imperative that the planning process starts early.  Whether the farm is sold to provide a retirement nest egg or the farm is going to move to the next generation, retirement planning is required to help you make informed decisions over a lifetime.

What is important in the planning process is that you are informed of your options, and you can work toward your goals.  The planning process keeps as many options available for you so that when the time comes to retire, you can make the best decisions possible and not be forced to accept the only option available.

Horizon Credit Union is committed to providing our agricultural members with investment options suited to their specific needs.

If it is security that is important to you, we have fully guaranteed investments with no limit as to how much is guaranteed under our Credit Union Deposit Guarantee.

If your investment strategy includes mutual funds or bond and stock investments, Horizon Credit Union can assist you with these investments.

Your financial success is very important to us. That is why we offer a wide range of investment options that are tailored to fit your financial investment strategies.

Wealth Management - What does this mean.

As a farmer or ag-business owner or partner, Horizon Credit Union can help you build a strong financial future.

The team of professionals in our Wealth Management department help you achieve financial goals at every stage of your financial life cycle. This starts with building assets, protecting what you have built, planning for retirement and even transferring assets to beneficiaries through effective estate planning. We can help you with succession planning so the farm or ranch operation will continue without interruption for the benefit of those daughters and sons taking over the operation, as well as the benefit of the mothers and fathers who wish to retire.

Wealth Management does not mean you should be wealthy to gain benefit from what they offer.

As a farmer or ag-business owner or partner, Horizon Credit Union can help you build a strong financial future.



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